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Global Documents produce and register Driver License,International Passports, Identity Cards etc

We produces two categories of documents : the registered and the unregistered or duplicates. Registered documents have all security features like the holograms, watermarks, functional bar-codes, microchips and they are registered in the database. On the other hand, unregistered documents or duplicates look physically identical to the original samples but are not registered in the system.

Global Documents produce, register and deliver of top-notch driver licenses ,International Passports and Identity cards,Visas,Resident Permits etc
Over the decades we have been able to carve out a niche for ourselves, we only offer these services in selected countries namely ;Belgium,Romania,Holland ,Germany, Italy,Sweden, the United Kingdom , Ireland etc. With long experience in the field, we have been able to serve citizens in the following countries;Germany, Holland,Romania,Belgium ,Italy, the United Kingdom by producing and validating all produced documents in the database.


Submission Phase

Select type of document,place order ,submit your information,stay in contact.

Production Phase

We produce your document according to your needs,this takes about 5 to 10 days

Registration Phase

We give your document(s) and its security signs authenticity by registering it in the database in 3 to 5 days .

Delivery Phase

Your document(s) is/are securely delivered to your chosen address in 3 to 10 days

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